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Detox 360


Feel sluggish? Bloated? Need to lose the Covid 15 - or 30? Do a Detox program with Dr. Jessica to help reset your system. Detox 360 provides the supplements and recipes you need for a thorough detox. More than that, when you do a Detox through our office, you will have regular meetings with Dr. Jessica and your concurrent fellow detoxers to help provide you the support and coaching to complete your detox successfully - whether you're just doing a 6 day quick cleanse or are in for a full overhaul with 90 days of change. 


Choose the Detox that's right for you!

6 Day

A quick cleanse for beginners or for those just feeling like they need a little tune-up.

14 Day

Have a bit more time on your hands and want to feel more thoroughly refreshed? This is a good option for you.

30 Day

A great solid cleanse, wonderful for starting your new year off right and providing a solid reset for your body.

90 Day

Need to Detox your liver? This option is for you. Receive regular support from Dr. Jessica as you take this detox day-by-day.

The Perfect Vegan Sandwich


With the detox 360 purchase you will receive:

  • Supplements

  • Recipes

  • Binder with program plan and workbook 

  • Regular check-ins with Dr. Riechert

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